Kessen-Geki Samurai Show " Domyo-Ji "

Thank you for seeing a lot of people.
We will report the state of the day on a video. Please have a look.

" Domyo-Ji "

"Sanada, the best soldier in Japan."

SANADA YUKIMURA who attacked the base of TOKUGAWA IEYASU, who was to unite Japan later at the great war of OSAKA-NATSUNO-JIN War in Keicho 20 (CE 1615), whose courage was known.
The day before that there was "Battle of Domyo-Ji", there was death of YUKIMURA's friend and parting with his family.
Death of friend GOTOH MATABEI. Battle against rival DATE MASAMUNE. Then, parting with his son DAISUKE, his daughter Oume. This all became a trigger to connect the soul of SANADA.
Think of  SANADA YUKIMURA in the "Battle of Daimyoji", please have a look.

Screenplay: Kotaro Kobayashi (Sword Action Circle SHIN)

We have that pride and we are working on the Kessengeki Samurai Show.
In 2007, Ueda citizen began as a main event of the Ueda Sanada Festival as one way to raise Sanada Yukimura by themselves.
This project which anyone can join the citizen who loves Sanada Yukimura can learn from the foundation the sword action and feel the heart of the samurai and become one of the samurai.
We will openly recruit every February, and after practicing from March, we will face our production.

What's Kessengeki Samurai Show?

"The best amateur play in Japan"

Cast introduction

Azusa Kousaka

Prior to the 36th UEDA SANADA Festival, Audition of Sanada Yukimura, in Kessengeki Samurai Show, was held on March 10, 2018.

Watched over by Members of the Ueda Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Department (hosted by the project), people who took on the same role as her in the past, people inside and outside the city, was elected Sanada Yukimura.

Planning and operation :
Ueda Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Department

Hidenori Takehara

We began to plan and operate this decisive battle last year.
Continuing from last year, I was able to welcome the wonderful Yukimura Sanada at the audition, and I also received many applicants for motivated general people.
"Citizen participates and is made by the hands of citizens" I am proud that this project is suitable for the main of Ueda Sanada Festival.
Cast performers will do more wonderful work if you can view it to many people. I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Directing, teaching Sword Action :
Sword Action Circle SHIN

Kotaro Kobayashi

Sanada Yukimura was born in Yamanashi prefecture and is killed in Osaka.
At first glance there seems to be no connection to Ueda, but why do Ueda people love Yukimura? The reason is that it is the hometown of the Sanada family and it seems that he was thinking for Ueda who his father loved Masayuki.
It is the reason why I chose Daimoji for this theme was not only Yukimura, but also the war that took over the bond and soul of Sanada.If this is the image of everyone, Yukimura who is strong and cherishes righteousness, this war that connected that soul.
By all means I will express it to remain in the hearts of everyone who loves Yukimura.